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Austria the land of mountains and some sweet rivers too!!

Here at the Kayak School we are extremely passionate about what we do.  We have been kayaking, exploring and coaching now for over 19 years, not only just here in Austria but all over the world and it is this experience that we bring into all of our sessions, trips, guiding or expeditions and that motivates us to provide world class coaching and a commitment to ensure you as a kayaker feel safe, progress and have a whole lot of fun while doing it!!

We are an independent company and are the only local based professional Kayaking School with fully qualified instructors/coaches - our knowledge of the area is second to none.

So come along and join us on a course, session, river or adventure trip and experience a modern dynamic and pro-active style of kayaking!

Latest News...

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27 Jun 16 - The rivers are currently at an amazing level.  With plenty of rain falling over the Spring the weather is now warming up and the snow is finally starting to melt up in the mountains.  We have taken delivery of the new Waka Tuna 2.0 and the Waka Tutea, along with our Zet Kayaks we now can offer our guests the worlds best kayaks! With the Summer now making its mark with sunny and warm days there is no better place to come and kayak some Alpine gems and classics!!

13 Aug 16 - Summer is delivering the goods here in Austria.  We have been experiencing a whole range of temperatures this Summer but one thing is for sure the river levels are great and there is plenty of action to be had, some fantastic areas and places to coach on and of course what better way to improve your kayaking than in the spectacular mountain scenery that Austria has to offer....

Check out a great little video edit of one of our favourite rivers in the world and a true Alpine Gem - the Sanna....