Summer and Autumn 2017


The height of Summer gave us some fantastic weather with deep blue skies and long sunny days. Our courses were in full swing and it was great to be out on the river cooling down.

We have an abundance of Classic Alpine rivers for every level of kayaker right by our home and base in the Arlberg Region of Austria. The Lech is stunning, it flows through a Nature Park and the drive over the pass to get there is spectacular to say the least. The Inn was pumping and provides the perfect training ground for the big water that makes this part of Austria so renowned for and of course so much fun. Austria really is the perfect place to train for the Himalayas!


The Oetz rivers are pushy in the height of Summer, the glaciers are sending an immense amount of water down the mountain and coupled with a few days of warm rain just adds to the intensity!

When Autumn comes, it gets cold at night around the passes and mountain tops and so the rivers start to drop. The trees are changing colour, the tops of the mountains go a rusty red and there is a covering of snow on the peaks. The rivers also change colour and with way less sediment they get much clearer. Crisp mornings and warm sunny days are a great way to end the season in the Alps and if it  does rain then it is great to know that the rivers will rise!

As we left Austria the Sickline World Championships were on in the Oetz Valley. However, incredible India was calling us...

Steve Brooks