Austria Spring & Early Summer 2017


We arrived back home after a successful Kayak Adventure Trip to the Indian Himalayas with snow falling on the pass and a temperature plunge in the valley. The good news was that the rivers were up and our first course was about to start in the Alps. Throughout the Spring the small rivers were shedding the masses of snow that had fallen late in the season and so rivers such as - the Lech, Loisach and Sanna were at their best. Our home river - the Rosanna is such a sweet place to be in the Spring and early Summer with different sections of grades and gradient providing the ideal environment to learn the fundamentals of creeking and steeper, more continuous whitewater kayaking.

As the temperatures warmed up and the sun became stronger and longer the rivers were in their optimum flows with Spring run off and a great top off from the occasional rain shower.  It is a great time to be in the Northern part of the Alps as you really get to kayak some of those classic runs at big flows. The River Inn gets BIG and bouncy.  The Sanna and Rosanna make for some incredible kayaking!

In early Summer the weather seems to stabilise for a while and we end of up with warm, sunny days and as some of the Spring rivers now only work with a solid amount of rain we spend more time on the bigger rivers and tributaries close to our home and base in the Arlberg.

With clients booking on courses from around the world we are so happy and proud to kayak, coach and show everyone just why this part of Austria is such a sweet destination. The combination of kayaking, staying in great accommodation, eating traditional food and being able to use the tourist card while staying in St Anton am Arlberg makes it the complete perfect kayaking getaway!


From beginners to Class IV-V, from intensive coaching to guiding, Private, Bespoke and Group courses we are sure that there is something for everybody to get onto the water and into a kayak in some of the most dramatic and stunning scenery the Alps has to offer. But do not just take our word for it, check out some of the photos from our courses and trips over the months of May, June and July...

Diederik Gerbranda