Kayaking in the stunning Soča Valley in Slovenia


Our second Spring kayaking season of 2018 found us in the stunning Soča Valley in Slovenia. We have been kayaking and coaching here since 2001 and it is a place we love to go back to. With emerald green water the surrounding snowcapped mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to what is one of Europe’s gems!


The Spring provides great water levels and with the season only just beginning we tend to have the river to ourselves! This provides us with features to coach at without worrying about upstream traffic like in the Summer! A friend of ours claims the Soča River is one of the best whitewater classrooms in the world and we tend to agree.

We originally only planned to spend a week in the Soča Valley last Spring but it proved so popular we ended up spending 4 weeks there.

With plenty of sections to choose from, it gives every grade of kayaker a chance to learn new skills in a super friendly environment, put it all into practice and then even move up a grade!
So if you are trying to get to grips with the fundamentals of whitewater kayaking, such as understanding whitewater, pro-active and dynamic paddling, nailing those eddies or working on punching the waves and holding the line or boofing then the Soča provides the perfect place for the start of the European kayaking season!

In Spring 2019 we are again going to be spending 4 weeks coaching on this stunning river. To find out more about our courses, DROP US A MESSAGE or sign up to our newsletter for more information.

At the time of writing we only have 2 weeks left available for 2019 so do not delay!