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Our story behind the Venga Boys

Here in Austria we are in the midst of a huge political scandal! The Vice-Chancellor was caught in a honey trap in Ibiza and currently the number 1 song being played and downloaded in Austria is “Going to Ibiza” by the Venga Boys.

This could not have come at a more apparent time, since the video of our Soča Valley, Slovenia Class 3-4 Kayaking Trip by Gina comes with the music from the Venga Boys….

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Summer 2018 at our home base in the Arlberg

And what a Summer it was! The weather was unbelievable, long hot sunny days with very little rain! While the higher tributaries were drying up, the Sanna was at a fantastic level giving us plenty of places to teach on, making some sweet moves and working on creeking techniques. The River Inn was just a dream to kayak with BIG waves, bouncy rapids and pretty much the river to ourselves made for some memorable days kayaking around our Home Base in the Arlberg Region.

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The third Spring of 2018

Our third Spring of the year was back home at our base in the Arlberg, Austria. The snow was melting fast, the sun was out and the nature in the valley was coming to life! We had a good base of snow from the Winter and it was now feeding the rivers. The Rosanna had great levels and the Spring melt on the Sanna saw us with a very unusual 3 weeks of constant high water!

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