One of the biggest challenges facing a kayaker is moving up a grade. As a class 2 kayaker it is a big step up to class 3 but with some world class coaching and a solid foundation of skills and understanding of whitewater the step up to class 3 becomes a whole lot easier!

We spend 7 days working on your fundamental skills as a whitewater kayaker. From riverside sessions, to theory in the sand, or coaching in the swimming pool, all of these locations alongside our in depth knowledge and world class coaching will help you attain the goal of becoming a confident class 3 kayaker!


Course details


The late Summer and early Autumn is a great time to kayak in Austria and none more so for the class 2 kayaker. The cool nights and crisp early mornings make for the perfect training ground, with plenty of features that are now becoming much more forgiving giving us the ideal opportunity to make the "big" step up to class 3.

Breaking in and out

Breaking in and out of the river is a basic manoeuvre but with nearly every eddy being different to the other on the river we will work together to improve our fundamental techniques but also develop and work on new techniques and ideas enabling us to become more confident.


With scouting it is not just important to see where we need to go but as we start our journey into reading and understanding the dynamics of whitewater, it will help us to plan our line and be one step ahead when we reach that certain point on the rapid or feature.

Looking ahead, reading and predicting river features

The more understanding of whitewater we have, the easier it becomes to read and run rapids. Yes, we do need to get out of kayaks now and again to scout, but the more proficient we become at reading whitewater the more we will develop as kayakers.

Eskimo Roll

The roll is now becoming more important and having knowledge and necessary skill to rol in class 3 whitewater gives us a huge advantage as sometimes we will make a mistake. Having the confidence to stay in the kayak, set up and execute a roll will give us a great deal of confidence and of course satisfaction.

Kayak School Europe

Running waves and keeping the line

Not every wave on a class 3 rapid is straight and simple. Learning to deal with and paddle diagonal waves, V waves, crashing or green waves is an integral part of this course.

Learning to surf waves

This is great fun, in fact it is extremely addictive. However, it also gives us the ability to control our kayak, get feedback from the wave, boat and of course paddle while really helping us gain knowledge and understanding of the rivers.

The lake

The lake is a great place for us to work on boat awareness and control. It also helps us link, modify and blend strokes together in a placed environment giving us a solid foundation to take to the river. As all world class coaches and kayakers will tell you: "time spent on a lake is seldom wasted!"



Instructors / Coaches

All of our coaches / instructors are fully qualified through British Canoeing. They have a wealth of experience not only here in Austria but around the world. Our knowledge of the German speaking Alps is second to none and are positive that you will not only be blown away by the variety of rivers we will kayak, but just how much your kayaking will improve over the week.

Experience Required

You should have some experience of kayaking class 2 whitewater. We will be kayaking for around 4 - 5 hours a day, so though you do not need to be an Olympic Athlete you should have a certain amount of paddle fitness or stamina.

Group Composition

Our ratio for class 2 -3 whitewater is 1:4. We will not take more than 6 clients on any of these trips and our trips are guaranteed to run with the minimum of 2 clients. This gives you plenty of whitewater action and the opportunity to improve your kayaking and move up a level.

Accomodation & Food

There is no need to rough it on any our trips. We use some niche local bed and breakfast accomodation, where you will feel welcome, be able to relax and get a good night sleep after a great day of kayaking.

Lunch is a personal choice and we will stop at a local market and bakery so that we can re-fuel after our first run. For dinner you have the option of various restaurants close by or if you would like a halfboard option then just let us know when you get in touch.

Dates & Prices


Course dates

We have courses planned on the following dates:

  • 20-27 July 2019 (1 Week)

  • 10-17 August 2019 (1 Week)

  • 07-14 September 2019 (1 Week)

No date to suite your plans? Just let us know through the contact form. We are pretty flexible here at the Kayak School giving you the best opportunity to see the region from a different perspective!

Course prices

EUR 1250 per person, including Bed and Breakfast.

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