Terms and Conditions


Bookings can be made via our website, email or telephone.  All prices are for one person.  A deposit can be paid via Paypal.  You will then be sent a booking form.  Once your booking form is complete, the outstanding fee for the course has to be paid via bank transfer (details of which are on the booking form).  We will then email you to confirm the course.


Should you cancel, this must be done in writing.  The following scale of charges will apply:

  • up to 30 days before the course commences 30% of the course fee plus EUR 15,00 processing fee.
  • up to 14 days before course commences 50% of the course fee.
  • up to 7 days before course commences 100% of the course fee.

Kayak School Arlberg and its coaches have the final say with regards to the participants ability, water levels and extreme weather conditions.  If in the unlikely event a course must be cancelled, the participant can re-book on the same course within 1 year.


The student / participant has to confirm that before starting the course / tour he / she has not consumed alcohol or drugs. Furthermore that he / she is in a good state of health, not suffering from any physical or mental weaknesses, not pregnant has sufficient swimming skills in flat and moving water.  It is compulsory to inform the kayak coach of any prescribed medicine that the student / participant has to take.

The student should inspect the provided equipment.

Damages or other faults have to be reported to the kayak coach immediately.

Liability / Responsibility

The student has to obey the commands and instructions of the kayak coach.  There are no responsibilities for injuries or damage of property occurred during the activity due to not obeying the given instructions/commands.  Kayak School Arlberg cannot be held liable for lost or damaged valuables such as glasses, contact lenses, watches, etc.

Because all offered activities take place in the outdoors the student has to accept that there is a certain risk due to unforeseen incidents be it on the bank, at the lake or river, which means that participants (though unlikely) may get hurt or injured due to clumsiness or being un-athletic. Neither the company nor the kayak coach can be held liable for these injuries.  Anxious people, who have obviously overestimated themselves should immediately tell the kayak coach.

The student has to take part in emergency exercises given by the kayak coach which concern his / her safety.

For the returning of any equipment belonging to Kayak School Arlberg the student is fully responsible.  If the equipment is misused, damaged, broken beyond repair, lost or stolen a charge of the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) will occur.

The student has to acknowledge that he / she is fully aware of all the risks involved and declares that it is his / her wish to participate in the activity.

Students who do not conform or accept these terms & conditions can be expelled from the course.

The court of jurisdiction is Landeck, Austria.